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The Best Version Of
You & Me 2023

Women’s Retreat

Crystal Bay Hotel St Pete Florida

April 21-23, 2023

The Best Version You & Me 2023 invites You to come away from the hustle and bustle; connect with yourself  & other women in an intimate setting; nurture you and enliven your dreams…

Celebrate your achievements of the past and plan for your present and future…

Heal your mind and spirit with yoga, energy work and personal reflection time…

Immerse your senses in dance and movement…

Expand your consciousness with relationship and prosperity workshops designed to activate your dreams and endless possibilities…

Leave refreshed and rejuvenated to give the best of you to yourself, your family, your projects & have an amazing year! Let's do this together!

Our Retreat Hosts:


Lorna Blake


Sara Im

Lorna Blake and Sara Im first met at a conference in 2014 and hit it off! They came to realize they shared similar passions and life purposes as amazing speakers, authors and coaches/consultants. Lorna was new to Florida and with Sara’s connections, within a short time they tag-teamed on events and speaking engagements.

Lorna and Sara are both incredibly generous and nurturing women leaders who felt inspired to host the first Best Version Of You Women’s Retreat in 2015. It was off the charts and women who attended provided amazing testimonials. They both facilitated multiple events and speaking engagements since then but circumstances got in the way of them co-hosting the next retreat. But after reconnecting at a recent event, they are teaming up again to present Best Version Of You & Me 2023!

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